Mental Disorder Treatment Center & Rehab in Indiana

According to The World Health Organization, mental disorder is defined as a significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition, emotion regulation, or behavior that reflects a dysfunction in mental functioning.

Statistics by the American Psychological Association state that in 2023,  people between ages 35 to 44 reported the highest increase in mental health diagnoses, with 45% of individuals reporting a mental illness compared to 31% in 2019. This significant increase highlights the growing need for quality mental disorder treatment and rehabilitation centers.

The Grove Estate Treatment Center in Indiana is one of the state’s leading mental disorder treatment and rehab centers.  It provides comprehensive and personalized care for individuals struggling with mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, substance abuse disorders, and more.

Mental Disorder Treatment in Indiana at The Grove Estate Addiction Treatment Center

The Grove Estate offers a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for individuals seeking treatment for their mental health disorders. The team of experienced and compassionate professionals at the center understands that each individual’s needs are unique, and therefore, they provide personalized treatment plans to cater to those needs.

The treatment programs at The Grove Estate are evidence-based and focus on treating the underlying causes of mental health disorders rather than just the symptoms. This approach helps individuals recover and improve their overall quality of life.

holistic therapies for mental health treatment

Specialties and Differentiators

Mental Disorder is a sensitive issue, and it requires specialized care. The Grove Estate stands out from other treatment centers in Indiana with its specialties and differentiators.

  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Many individuals struggling with mental health disorders also struggle with substance abuse. The Grove Estate offers dual diagnosis treatment, addressing both issues simultaneously to promote a successful recovery.
  • Holistic therapies: Along with evidence-based therapies, The Grove Estate also offers holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, art therapy, equine-assisted therapy, and more. These alternative treatments help individuals heal their minds, body, and spirit.
  • Individualized therapies: Each individual is assigned a primary therapist who works with them to create a personalized treatment plan, ensuring their specific needs are addressed.
  • Drug and alcohol seminars: The Grove Estate provides informative seminars on the effects of drugs and alcohol on mental health, helping individuals understand the correlation between substance abuse and their mental health disorders.
Mental Disorder Treatment in Indiana at The Grove Estate Addiction Treatment Center

Who Can Benefit From Mental Disorder Treatment?

Anyone struggling with a mental health disorder can benefit from seeking treatment at The Grove Estate. Here’s a group of people who may benefit from mental disorder treatment at the center:

  • Professionals: The workplace can be a major source of stress, leading to mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Professionals can benefit from the individualized care and support offered at The Grove Estate.
  • Individuals looking for a supportive environment for recovery: If you feel alone and isolated in your mental health journey, The Grove Estate can provide a safe and supportive environment where you can connect with others who understand your struggles.
  • People with co-occurring disorders: It is very common for individuals to struggle with more than one mental health disorder. The Grove Estate specializes in treating dual diagnosis, providing comprehensive care for those with co-occurring disorders.
  • Clients prioritizing physical health and wellness: The Grove Estate focuses on mental health treatment and emphasizes physical wellness through various mindfulness practices and activities.

What are the signs of a person who needs mental disorder treatment? 

It is crucial to recognize the signs of a mental health disorder and seek treatment as early as possible. Some common signs that may indicate a person needs mental disorder treatment include:

  • Changes in behavior and mood
  • Difficulty coping with daily tasks or responsibilities
  • Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed
  • Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, or guilt
  • Changes in appetite or sleep patterns
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions

These are just a few of the many signs that may indicate a mental health disorder and the need for treatment.

Mental Disorder Treatment  Addiction Program Services at The Grove Estate

The Grove Estate offers a variety of services as part of its mental disorder treatment addiction program, including:

  • Residential Detox: A medically supervised detox program to safely and comfortably manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • Rehab for professionals: A specialized program for professionals seeking treatment while maintaining their career responsibilities.
  • Exercise and Nutrition: The Grove Estate offers various exercise and nutrition programs to promote overall physical wellness.
  • Residential Rehab: This is a structured and supportive program for individuals to focus on their recovery in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Aftercare planning:  The center provides personalized aftercare plans to help individuals maintain their recovery after completing the program.
Mental Disorder Treatment  Addiction Program Services at The Grove Estate

How Mental Disorder Treatment Rehab Works

The Grove Estate staff are compassionate and experienced professionals who guide individuals through the mental disorder treatment rehab process. Here’s an overview of how the program works:

The admission process

During the admission process, an initial assessment is conducted to evaluate the individual’s needs and determine the appropriate treatment plan. In this phase, the staff will get all your information and ensure that you are comfortable as you enter the program.

Insurance Verification and Acceptance

The Grove Estate accepts most insurance major plans to make mental disorder treatment accessible and affordable for individuals seeking help. This is to make your treatment journey more manageable.

Why Choose The Grove Estate for Substance Abuse Treatment in Indiana?

The Grove Estate is a leading mental disorder treatment center in Indiana, providing compassionate care and evidence-based therapies for individuals struggling with mental health disorders. Here are some reasons to choose The Grove Estate for substance abuse treatment:

Highly Skilled Medical Team

The Grove Estate has a team of experienced and licensed medical professionals who provide personalized care for each individual. Their expertise and compassion create a safe and supportive environment for individuals to heal.

Relevant Certifications and Accreditations

The Grove Estate is accredited by the Joint Commission, which sets high substance abuse treatment center standards. This accreditation reflects the center’s commitment to providing quality care.

Nurturing and Well-Structured Environment

The Grove Estate provides a peaceful and nurturing environment for individuals to focus on their recovery. The facility is surrounded by nature, promoting relaxation and reflection as part of the healing process.

Comprehensive Aftercare Programs

At The Grove Estate, aftercare planning starts from admission, ensuring that individuals have the necessary tools and support to recover after completing the program.

Why Choose The Grove Estate for Substance Abuse Treatment in Indiana?

Ongoing Support and Comprehensive Therapies at The Grove Estate

The Grove Estate offers a wide range of evidence-based therapies and treatments to address the complex needs of individuals struggling with mental health disorders and substance abuse. These therapies include individual, group, family, and holistic therapy. There are also exercise and nutrition programs to promote overall wellness and healing.

Start your journey to recovery today!

It’s never too late to seek help for a mental health disorder or substance abuse. If you or a loved one is struggling, don’t hesitate to contact The Grove Estate for professional and compassionate care. Get in touch with the Grove Estate team today to start your journey towards recovery!

What are the common types of mental disorders?

Common mental disorders include depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. There are many others, each with its symptoms and challenges.

What causes mental disorders?

Mental disorders can result from a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors. Trauma, stress, family history, and brain chemistry can all contribute to the development of mental disorders.

How are mental disorders diagnosed?

Mental disorders are typically diagnosed by mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists or psychologists. Diagnosis involves thoroughly assessing symptoms, medical history, and sometimes laboratory tests or imaging studies.

How can I support someone with a mental disorder?

Supporting someone with a mental disorder involves offering empathy, understanding, and encouragement. Encourage them to seek professional help, educate yourself about their condition, and be patient and non-judgmental.

How do diet and nutrition affect mental health recovery?

Diet and nutrition play a significant role in mental health recovery, influencing brain function and mood. A well-balanced diet can support brain health, reduce inflammation, and promote neurotransmitter function, which are all vital for managing mental health disorders. According to Healthline, essential nutrients from a healthy diet can significantly impact the effectiveness of mental health treatment by improving overall well-being and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Integrating dietary plans within mental health treatment programs, such as those involving family integration and opioid addiction treatment, can offer a more holistic approach to recovery. These programs recognize the intricate link between physical health and mental wellness, emphasizing the importance of nutritional counseling and lifestyle changes alongside traditional therapies for a comprehensive treatment strategy.


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